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  • VW quantum computer traffic management system

    VW sees a future in which quantum computers help create efficient traffic-management systems, and it's ready to test such systems today. The German automaker said on Monday that its engineers and data scientists have successfully used a quantum computer algorithm to replace today's basic forecasted traffic volumes. The quantum computer calculates traffic accumulation and the number of people at "demand spots." VW is largely looking at taxis, public buses, and other public transportation services right now. After analyzing traffic movement data, the algorithm can then assign a precise number...

  • BMW's UR:BAN project looks to improve city traffic safety
    BMW's Project UR:Ban Looks To Improve Driver Safety In Cities

    According to BMW’s research, cities continue to grow larger as more and more people embrace an urban way of life. As a result, cities are getting more crowded with both pedestrians and automobiles. One of the biggest challenges in future urban mobility, then, is finding harmony between...

  • Honda congestion prevention technology explained
    Honda Pioneers Technology Aimed At Preventing Traffic Jams

    Anyone who’s driven on a busy highway can attest that vehicles moving erratically and braking needlessly breaks up the smooth flow of traffic and leads to congestion. Honda has also observed this phenomenon and claims to have pioneered a technology based on this principle that, rather than...

  • A computer image of autonomous cars at an intersection.
    In Autonomous Cars, Intersections Aren't For The Meek

    Self driving cars may speed traffic flow, but intersections have the potential to be the stuff of nightmares.

  • Traffic
    Future Urban Mobility Relies On Real-Time Data Access

    The requirements for travel within the urban environment comes under greater pressure with every passing year. We're already past the point at which more than 50 percent of the world's population live in cities rather than rurally, and it's only set to increase. The Future Urban Mobility (FM)...

  • Traffic enforcement camera
    Could Patrols Use Nav Traffic Data For Speed-Trap Placement?

    The navigation-system provider TomTom, which uses crowd-sourced traffic data to help find the fastest routes, has been caught in the Netherlands selling users' speed data to police—who then might use that to decide where to set up speed traps. Live traffic information is arguably one of the...

  • Traffic

    Urban mobility is a hot topic these days -- and rightly so. Roughly 50% of the world's population now lives in urban areas, and by 2030, that figure should hit 60%. As cities and megacities grow, navigating them swiftly and efficiently will become critical for economic, social, and safety reasons. A number of companies are looking to address those problems, and now we can add Audi to the list. The Urban Intelligent Assist project Audi has just launched a three-year research initiative called the "Urban Intelligent Assist" project, which aims to reduce "the congestion, dangers and...

  • Traffic
    Adaptive Traffic Lights Helping To Save Fuel

    Marrying high-tech with road safety has been one of the primary goals of the automotive industry for the past several decades, often with very good results. The latest step forward by BMW promises to take the idea to a new level, using technology to help save fuel too. Ever been driving home late...

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