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  • The Lincoln Lawyer

    Good news: At a time when corporate marketing budgets are merely a shadow of what they once were, Ford will get a free ride in the new film, The Lincoln Lawyer. A Lincoln spokesman says that the company didn't spend a dime on product placement for the movie. Bad news: The Lincoln Lawyer features the Lincoln Town Car, which will drive off to that Showroom in the Sky later this year. The model isn't even widely available now, except as a fleet buy or special purchase. Worse news: The "gripping thriller" (Lionsgate's words, not ours) stars Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Phillipe, and Marisa Tomei...

  • Lincoln MKT Town Car
    Lincoln MKT Town Car Is Your Next Limo

    With production of the Lincoln Town Car--and its Panther platform stablemates--coming to an end, Ford is now in need of a replacement for its popular limousine. That replacement could potentially be this new Lincoln MKT Town Car Livery package, which was revealed this week at the 2011 Limousine...

  • 2000 Mercedes E-class
    Getting Your Image On a Budget: Super Reliable Luxury Marks

    Sometime You Just Don’t Want To Drive Grandma’s Buick

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