• Thor Trucks ET-One

    Tesla has already received a healthy stream of pre-orders for its electric semi-truck, but a new California company will offer an alternative. Thor Trucks revealed its first all-electric semi on Wednesday and it boasts promising specs in an attempt to rival the Tesla Semi. Thor calls its electric truck the ET-One and it will supposedly arrive with a 300-mile range, an 80,000-pound load, and a top speed of 70 mph. Note: the range doesn't eclipse the Tesla Semi's claimed figure of 500 miles, but its pound-load matches it. Thor also said the ET-One will cost $150,000, which pegs it squarely as a...

  • Thor movie featuring Acura cars
    Acura To Feature In New ‘Thor’ Movie Alongside Natalie Portman

    There’s a new comic book derived movie brewing in Hollywood and this one is set to feature a handful of cars from one of the least heard of luxury brands, Acura. The movie we’re talking about is Thor, the story of an ancient warrior brought to Earth to defend humanity and get chased by...

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