The Jay Leno Show

  • Justin Bell in 'World's Fastest Car Show' from eBay Motors

    eBay has had a tough go of it since former CEO Meg Whitman stepped down, but what change a week can bring: now, Whitman's been tapped to help the sinking ship known as HP, while eBay Motors has just launched an impressive new series for the web and mobile devices called "World's Fastest Car Show", hosted by racing driver Justin Bell. "World's Fastest Car Show" is available on eBay and on the eBay Motors app. According to the eBay Motors blog, the series is meant to be "a weekly automotive adventure Web show that power slides into the intersection between car culture, entertainment and sheer...

  • Ford Focus BEV for The Jay Leno Show's Green Car Challenge
    Video: Jay Leno Show Ford Focus BEV Hot Hatch

    The Ford Focus BEV is based on a European Focus ST.

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