Shai Agassi

  • Better Place battery switch station at work

    Shai Agassi's ambitious Better Place project has been rolling out plans for test-market EVs around the world for over a year now, and today the project took a huge leap forward with the demonstration of its first automated battery swapping station. The proof-of-concept facility was demonstrated in Yokohama, Japan. Using a modified Nissan Dualis (Qashqai) to demonstrate the battery swap, Better Place showed how electric car owners can quickly and easily fill up with a full charge - without ever leaving their cars. It takes about a minute in all, shuttling a new battery up into the vehicle and...

  • The Better Place logo
    Australia next to join project Better Place

    Israel and Denmark have already started work to build the first nationwide infrastructures designed to support electric cars. Now Better Place has announced Australia will become the third - and most geographically challenging - nation to join the program, at an estimated investment of $676...

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