• The Mercedes-Benz Beltbag, coming soon to an unnamed luxury model

    Calling it the Beltbag, Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to introduce inflatable rear seatbelt airbags on a yet-to-be-named “luxury-class model,” likely the new S Class sedan. The inflatable belts have been shown to reduce the potential for rear-seat passenger injuries in frontal collisions, by dispersing forces transmitted to the ribcage. The belt airbags would be triggered in severe frontal collisions only (where they’re shown to be most effective), inflated by gas generators. The seat belt’s Velcro cover would split open during deployment, allowing the belt itself...

  • inflating rear seatbelts
    2013 Ford Flex and Lincoln Vehicles Inherit Inflating Seatbelts

    The inflating rear seatbelts first introduced with the 2011 Ford Explorer are finally trickling down to other vehicles. In a release, Ford stated that the 2013 Ford Flex and some yet to be named Lincoln vehicles will be installed with the safety technology by this summer. While the company...

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