• Mercedes-Benz safety - SRS

    The airbag is one of the single most significant inventions in the field of passive safety that the automotive world has seen. Patented in 1953 by American inventor John W. Hetrick and introduced into passenger cars in the United States in the mid seventies, it has been responsible for saving countless lives. It took Mercedes-Benz to bring the airbag into the mainstream though, and the German marque is celebrating 30 years of the Supplemental Restraint System or 'SRS' as you'll often see on an airbag-equipped vehicle. Early airbags were designed as a safety measure to save the lives of...

  • Ice-T
    Today In Celebrity Beverages: Ice-T, Coco Pulled Over For Not Wearing Seat Belts

    Dear Ice-T: Yes, you have to wear a seatbelt, even though you cart around your own set of airbags. (Tell Coco we said "hi"!) xoxo Your Friends at CelebsAndCars.com P.S. Is it ironic that you and Coco were pulled over shortly after competing in a rally sponsored by Amp energy drinks? Was that a...

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