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  • ZMP RoboCar MEV-C automated vehicle

    Some cars are beautiful. Others are fast. Some others are incredibly practical. Some other cars are none of these things, but their importance isn't in their looks, speed or usability but the technological advancements they'll offer to the car industry as a whole. The RoboCar MEV-C is one of these cars. Built by Japanese robotics company ZMP it's the antithesis of everything gearheads love about cars. Under that sub-golf cart shiny plastic exterior, cyclops-like single headlight and highly suspect $35,000 price tag lurks some serious autonomous vehicle technology. We've looked at ZMP's...

  • ZMP RoboCar automated vehicle
    Video: Look Ma, No Driver! ZMP RoboCar Memorizes Route Map

    Feeling lazy? Don't feel like driving home from work tonight? Sounds like an autonomous car would be right up your street... ZMP's RoboCar doesn't quite have the aesthetics or practicality (and especially not the performance) of Google's automated Toyota Prius, but the technology it demonstrates is...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Robot Driving: First Pikes Peak, Next Nevada, Then Your Town?

    Recently Google requested a waiver from lawmakers in Nevada to allow it to test its computer-driven cars on Nevada public roads. Could robotic cars be safe on everyday roads? In the last couple of years, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has finally seen driverless cars fully...

  • ZMP City Simulator Experiment
    First Working From Home... Now Commuting From Home [VIDEO]

    James Bond has had a lot of cool gadgets, but one of our favourites had to be the remotely controlled BMW 7-Series from Tomorrow Never Dies. Controlled by a touch-screen cell phone (which still manages to look old-hat now, such is the pace of technology), our hero was able to drive, and indeed...

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