Road train

  • Stuck in traffic, by Flickr user SMercury98

    Reading the paper. Holding a video conference call. Snapping photographs. Eating a McDonalds. All things that are probably best avoided whilst driving on the freeway. However, thanks to developments in technology, you might be able to do all these things and more (we'll leave the "and more" to your imagination). In the future, you could potentially join a freeway, get in line behind a special lead vehicle and your car would automatically follow it until such time as you reached your exit when you once again take control and leave the freeway. Driverless technology and road trains have been...

  • SARTRE self-driving cars first real-world test
    Video: SARTRE Self-Driving Road Train Conducts First Test

    Europe’s SARTRE (SAfe Road TRains for the Environment) project is well underway, having carried out its first successful demonstration of its self-driving technology at Volvo’s proving grounds near Gothenburg, Sweden. The SARTRE project is attempting to launch new technology for...

  • SARTRE self-driving cars
    Self-Driving Cars Take A Step Closer To Reality

    Autonomous or ‘self-driving’ cars have been around for a while, at least in prototype form. In fact, just this week we reported on Audi’s autonomous TTS, which successfully charted the grueling 12.42 mile Pikes Peak run. However, about a year ago we reported on a government-backed...

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