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  • Pagani Huayra BC - Photo: Richard Thomas, Phase One

    An exclusive car deserves on the finest quality photo equipment. In this case, the Pagani Huayra BC was the subject and Phase One provided the state of the art equipment to capture the supercar's good side. But does the Huayra BC really have a bad angle? We don't think so, and we digress. Peta Pixel detailed the behind the scenes look at Richard Thompson's exclusive photo shoot with the $2.5 million, 789 horsepower Huayra BC. Since only 100 will be made, utmost care was provided to the Huarya BC. Police protection was requested since the shoot took place in an area notorious for crime and the...

  • Before and after: how edits make supercar photos pop.
    How Your Favorite Supercar Photos Get So Awesome: Video

    We all love to drool over the gorgeous photos of supercars that grace the Web, including some of our stories here at MotorAuthority. But have you ever wondered how those photos got so awesome? Maybe you've taken some shots of your own and wondered why they fell flat in comparison. This video...

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