MG 6

  • 2018 MG 6 (Chinese spec)

    In 2011, revived British marque MG started production of a hatchback called the MG 6 in the former Austin factory in Longbridge, United Kingdom. MG’s prospects have improved significantly since then, thanks mostly to the resources of Chinese parent company SAIC. Today, you’ll find MG operating in more markets and with a much-improved lineup. The latest addition is a new MG 6 which is in the form of a handsome mid-size sedan. The new MG 6 takes plenty of inspiration from the MG E-Motion concept car shown during April’s 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. It looks to have taken the best...

  • SAIC MG6 Five-Door
    First New MG Model In 16 Years Goes Into Production In England

    The long, sad, failure-ridden story of what used to be England's auto industry has filled many books, and drained many pints of both ale and oil. But next Wednesday, a new car will roll off the lines of the former Austin factory in Longbridge, England, headed for showrooms later this year. The new...

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