• Navigon 2.0 update for iOS

    Millions of Americans are planning road trips this holiday week, and many of them will use navigation software to get them where they need to go -- whether that's over the river and through the woods or to the outlet mall. The Navigon MobileNavigator smartphone app recently made things simpler for some of those folks with an update that allows users to download only the maps they need. It's part of Navigon's recent 2.0 update for iOS, and if you're a fan of the app, this will be welcome news. Once upon a time, Navigon (recently purchased by Garmin) required users to download huge country...

  • Chadwick Martin Bailey study on smartphone & tablet usage habits, May 2011
    Taps For TomTom: The Standalone GPS Unit Is Dead

    The lightbulb killed the gas lamp. The DVD killed the VHS tape. And now, the world is preparing for the death of another invention past its prime: the standalone GPS device. We've been expecting this funeral for some time. Google Maps' debut on smartphones was a bad omen, and each new travel app...

  • Charting a new course:  Google maps
    You Have Reached Your Destination... With A Map, Not Sat Nav

    If you're aged between 18 and 24 years old you could be forgiven for having never seen a road atlas. These archaic paper-based devices require you to use planning and a sense of direction to navigate from one place to another, and remain silent throughout your journey. According to research by the...

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