• VW future communicating lights

    In the future, self-driving cars will need to communicate with pedestrians and drivers of traditional automobiles. Volkswagen wants to embrace this concept and previewed a few ways self-driving cars could communicate with other motorists and pedestrians on Wednesday. The announcement showed off a host of elements engineers have been working on to turn lighting into a form of communication. VW imagines a car will house new areas to project graphics on the road or in lighting elements themselves. A prototype vehicle showed how a screen in the front grille and at the rear can display warnings to...

  • Mercedes-AMG adds 3D puddle lamps
    Mercedes-AMG lets you say it with puddle lamps

    Here in the States, we have a fascination with car badging. We want others to know the make and model of our cars. Automakers allow you to shout this from the roadways with badging, decals, and now all sorts of lighting options. Mercedes-Benz offers a giant lighted star for the nose of its...

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