Life In The Foust Lane

  • Tanner Foust drifts at Laguna Seca

    A lot of people make fun of Tanner Foust. Some for his slightly wooden delivery on Top Gear USA, others for his clean-cut goody-two-shoes image. But at the end of the day, a lot of us probably do it out of envy. As he's been documenting for sponsor Rockstar in his Life In The Foust Lane series, Tanner Foust flies around the world driving all kinds of awesome cars in awesome places, and he does it very, very well. It's what we wish we could do. Since we can't (most of the time, anyway), we take these videos as an opportunity to live vicariously. Along the way, we gain an appreciation for the...

  • Life in the Foust Lane
    Tanner Foust's 'Life In The Foust Lane': Episode 1

    If you're familiar with Top Gear USA, rallycross, Hot Wheels stunts, or half a dozen other moderately hare-brained activities requiring consummate driving skill, you're probably familiar with Tanner Foust. Now you can watch his new show, "Life in the Foust Lane." Built around Foust's rather hectic...

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