• Super Mario Kart

    Occasionally, the All Car Tech team gets pangs of nostalgia for times gone by, and we often yearn for the days of 1980s excess, when braces were red and Porsches were white with whale-tail spoilers. Inevitably, the subject of video games will pop up. We love a good racing game here, and the incredible digital works of today wouldn't be around were it not for their pixellated predecessors, so here, in reverse chronological order, is All Car Tech's run-down of our top ten retro racing games... Wipeout (1995) A 32-bit console era game? Surely not! Wipeout was defined by its Chemical Brothers...

  • 2012 Delta Wing IndyCar race car concept
    IndyCar Announces Engine Plans For 2012, Turbos Included

    The 2012 IndyCar formula will see multiple engine manufacturers, a new chassis and possibly KERS.

  • Dana Mecum 1935 Gilmore Special Miller vintage race car
    Rare 1935 Gilmore Special Miller Indy Race Car Going At Mecum Auction

    Dana Mecum of Mecum Auctions will be selling a range of rare vintage race cars, many of which hail from the state of Indiana--the birthplace of more than 50 automobile marques. Mecum is a lifelong racing enthusiast, former racer and president of the club that preserves the most dominant Indy racers...

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