• Why the Honda Civic Type R doesn't have torque steer

    The Honda Civic Type R is an impressive little beastie. In fact, if you missed it, we named Honda's hot hatch the Motor Authority Best Car To Buy 2018. We lauded its handling capabilities, and a major part of the magic is how Honda managed to basically eliminate torque steer in a 306-horsepower front-wheel-drive car. Why doesn't it exhibit torque steer or at least much torque steer? Thankfully, Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained is here to, well...explain it. First a definition. Torque steer occurs when engine torque actually affects a vehicle's steering. It's prevalent in high-power...

  • 2012 Tesla Model S
    Is Tesla Working On A Better-Handling Model S?

    The Tesla Model S sedan could be a game-changer for electric cars. It’s stylish, more affordable than a Tesla Roadster (or Fisker Karma, for that matter), and can be equipped with enough batteries to provide an impressive range between recharges. It’s got some well-known fans already...

  • 2012 Ford Focus
    2012 Ford Focus Gets Sport, Titanium Handling Package Upgrades

    Ford's new Fiesta may be getting most of the media blast, but the 2012 Focus isn't being forgotten about by the home office. Ford announced today two new packages for the Focus to sharpen its look and make the car more responsive and agile-feeling on the road. The upgrades come in the form of the...

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