• Max Motors Sniper for Viper deal

    Buy a new Dodge Viper and get a free .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle as part of a deal being offered by Missouri car dealer Max Motors. Yes, you read that correctly. In a move mirroring the actions of Florida-based Nations Trucks, the Max Motors dealership will give you the sniper rifle but first you going to have to fork over close to $100,000 for the Viper. The dealer even coyly asks: “You don’t have a problem with God, do you?” Like the previous AK-47 for pickup deal, we’re assuming the Missouri dealer won’t be handing over the guns but rather a redeemable...

  • BMW headquarters
    Enraged Customer Holds BMW Employee Hostage At Gunpoint

    In the past two weeks we have seen a youth shot dead for egging a Mercedes-Benz, a F1 champ flee for his life from armed gunmen, and a Chicago car dealer arrested for being naked and possessing an unlicensed firearm, and now we can add another gun-related incident to the pile. A man in France took...

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