Ford Fiesta ST Concept

  • Ford Fiesta ST Concept live photos

    Unveiled this morning to the web's salivating hordes of hot-hatch mongers, the Fiesta ST Concept is a tantalizing piece of small-footprint sportiness. And it looks just as good in person as it does in the official images. Dressed in a sharp shade of red with some nice five-spoke alloy wheels and aggressive aerodynamics, the Fiesta ST on display in Frankfurt will definitely make the wanted list for many enthusiasts. Now we just have to wait for Ford to make the official call on bringing it to the U.S. Follow all of our Frankfurt Auto Show coverage, including many more live images and model...

  • Ford Fiesta ST Concept
    Ford Fiesta ST Concept Preview: 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

    Though its bigger, production-bound brother, the 2012 Focus ST, stole the hot-hatch limelight yesterday, today Ford released the Fiesta ST Concept, and it just might be the more interesting of the two. Packing a 177-horsepower turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine inside an exterior that...

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