• d3o self-hardening gel

    Have you ever seen the experiment using custard to demonstrate increases in viscosity with force? When you run your hand through the substance it acts like a liquid, but quickly apply a force and it hardens. Fill a swimming pool with custard and you could feasibly run across without sinking in. Wet sand has similar properties. They're known as dilatant materials. Running across custard swimming pools sounds like a fun way to demonstrate a physical process, but it can also have practical applications. Indeed, it can also save lives, and d3o, developed by British chemical lab d3o Lab, is...

  • d3o self-hardening gel
    d3o Bullet-Proof Gel Being Explored By Automakers

    An emerging technology that could have a major impact on the way cars are designed in the future is currently being developed, with the new technology having the potential to save thousands of lives in serious car crashes. The new technology is a special gel called d3o, which was developed by...

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