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  • 2018 Mazda CX-8

    Mazda in August revealed plans for a new plant to be constructed in the United States in partnership with Toyota. Due to be operational in 2021, the plant will build Corollas for Toyota and an SUV for Mazda. In an interview with Automotive News (subscription required), Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai said the new SUV is being designed specifically for the U.S. market and has the potential to be the brand’s best-seller. Given the gaping hole in Mazda’s SUV lineup between the compact CX-5 and mid-size CX-9, a small SUV along the lines of the previous CX-7 seems the most likely fit. (The...

  • Fast food
    Is Car Culture Keeping Americans Overweight?

    A few years ago we reported on the trend that many new cars aren’t designed to accommodate America’s seemingly ever-expanding waistline, with even popular models like the Chevrolet Corvette ill-prepared to carry two occupants each with a weight of over 200 pounds. Alarmingly, it's not...

  • 2010 Mazda CX-7 facelift
    Mazda’s CX-7 facelift debuts at the Canadian Auto Show

    With all the excitement of this week’s Chicago Auto Show, it is easy to forget that just north of the border Canada is running its national auto show in Toronto. While the Canadian Auto Show is rarely recognized for its global debuts, Mazda has decided to use the event to unveil the 2010...

  • Mazda CX-7 gets an Adrenaline boost for SEMA
    Mazda CX-7 gets an Adrenaline boost for SEMA

    Mazda unveiled a modified CX-7 SUV at this year’s SEMA auto show that was designed and built by the company’s US design team in Irvine, California. Codenamed the Adrenalin, the aggressively styled SUV is based on the all-new Mazda CX-7 but has been tweaked to give the vehicle a true...

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