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    If you've ever had a complaint or simply wanted to speak to the customer service department of a company using their phone service, you're no doubt aware of the frustration sitting through endless menus and electronic voices before finally getting through to the right department. For Nissan customers, this might be about to change. Nissan North America is considering moving some of its call center operators out of phone banks and onto the internet, using services such as Nissan's Facebook page to speak directly to customers. "Currently, our social media staff can handle the volume of...

  • 2010 Audi S4
    Audi U.S. Chief Personally Responds To Angry Customer

    Have you ever asked to speak to someone’s manager and then been approached by the boss of the whole company (in this case the regional chief)? Probably not, but that’s roughly what happened to one customer angered by delivery delays of a recently purchased 2011 Audi S4. Going by the...

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