• VF Holden Commodore SS-V and HSV Gen-F fitted with Walkinshaw Performance supercharger upgrade

    Not long ago, we brought you details on Walkinshaw Performance’s new W375 kit for the HSV’s Gen-F range of muscle sedans, which focused on naturally aspirated power. Walkinshaw is now back with two new supercharged kits for the HSVs as well as the regular Holden Commodore SS-V, to be sold here as the 2014 Chevrolet SS, and this time the power levels rate as high as 667 horsepower. The first kit, the W457, is designed for the Commodore SS-V, which in standard tune generates just 362 horsepower from its 6.0-liter V-8. With Walkinshaw’s supercharger kit installed, output now...

  • Walkinshaw Performance W375 Package for HSV’s Gen F range
    Walkinshaw Performance Launches 502-HP Upgrade For Gen F HSVs

    If a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan powered by a LS3 V-8 isn’t enough to get your heart rate pulsing, Walkinshaw Performance’s new W375 Package should do the job. Walkinshaw Performance is a spinoff of famed performance group TWR which was formed by the late Tom Walkinshaw and went...

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