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Carbon Motors

  • Carbon Motors E7

    It's never easy to create a new version of something that already exists in a given market. Take, for example, the police car. For decades, the Ford Crown Victoria has been the king of the cop cruiser hill. Unfortunately, the Panther platform was retired, which means no new Crown Vics were on the way. Other automakers stepped to the plate to provide the next police vehicle, and quite a few options exist currently. From the Dodge Charger to the Ford Explorer, there are many vehicles to choose from. One that police departments around the country won't get to choose is from Carbon Motors. The...

  • Carbon Motors E7
    BMW To Supply Diesel Engines For Carbon Motors Police Cars

    In what is sure to go down as one of the strangest partnerships of the year, BMW has signed a deal with American law enforcement vehicle manufacturer Carbon Motors to supply it with more than 240,000 diesel engines. The agreement calls for delivery of BMW inline six-cylinder turbodiesel engines...

  • carbon motors e7 police car 007
    Video: Carbon Motors unveils the E7 purpose-built police car

    Carbon Motors will be using the nine-city 2008 Pure Justice tour of the U.S. as an avenue for unveiling its all-new E7 purpose-built police car. The E7 hasn't even secured its final name yet - Carbon Motors will be relying on the law enforcement community to choose a name for the vehicle ahead of...

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