• The Octo Maserati, by Bulgari

    While most of us own watches, few of us actually wear them on a regular basis. When you drive a keyboard on a daily basis, watches tend to get in the way, and our computers and smartphones always display the correct time and date. Coincidently, none of us drive a Maserati, either. If we did drive a Maserati, chances are good that we’d wear a watch, too (though not as elaborate as Bernie Ecclestone’s). Chances are even better that we’d be looking to buy the newly-announced Octo Maserati, a “vision of excellence” created by Bulgari to commemorate the Maserati...

  • Last Cadillac DTS joins Bulgari collection
    Last Cadillac DTS Joins Bulgari Luxury Goods Chairman’s Private Collection

    Earlier this month the Cadillac STS ended production and this past week the same fate befell its bigger brother, the DTS, with the last example seen here rolling off the production line at the car’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant. As we’ve reportedly several times in the past, the DTS, along...

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