• Items from the Ferrari Golf Collection

    We’ll come clean up front on this one: most of us here aren’t golfers. We can admire the skill it takes to drive a miniscule white ball off a tee onto a green over the horizon, but the game simply doesn’t raise our pulse rates. In fact, most of us would quickly be kicked off the links for trading paint in golf carts, or for re-wiring the electric motors to make the carts faster. Still, when we see a press release that Ferrari is teaming up on a line of golf equipment, we take notice. The newly-announced Ferrari Golf Collection was developed in collaboration with Ferrari and...

  • 1950 Studebaker Commander
    Studebaker May Be Rising From The Dead: Report

    The Studebaker Motor Company, located in Arvada, Colorado, has ambitious plans to revive the once-famous automotive brand.

  • 2012 BMW 6-Series Coupe
    BMW Beats Rolex And Apple To Rank As China’s Most Desired Brand

    The Chinese market is quickly proving to be a major boon for luxury automakers, none more so than BMW it seems, which has ranked first out of the top 100 most desired brands in China. According to a recent survey conducted by Hong Kong consultancy firm Clear Asia, BMW beat out the likes of Rolex...

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