We’ll come clean up front on this one: most of us here aren’t golfers. We can admire the skill it takes to drive a miniscule white ball off a tee onto a green over the horizon, but the game simply doesn’t raise our pulse rates.

In fact, most of us would quickly be kicked off the links for trading paint in golf carts, or for re-wiring the electric motors to make the carts faster. Still, when we see a press release that Ferrari is teaming up on a line of golf equipment, we take notice.

The newly-announced Ferrari Golf Collection was developed in collaboration with Ferrari and Cobra Puma Golf, and includes everything from clubs to footwear and accessories. While many items are simply branded with the prancing horse logo, Ferrari spent quite a bit of time refining the Cobra Ferrari Driver.

The club’s shape is the result of input from Ferrari’s aerodynamic engineers, who made changes to reduce drag as the club is swung through the air. The net result is a higher club head speed, and even we know that higher speed is a good thing.

Tom Preece, vice president of R&D at Cobra Puma Golf called the new driver a “work of art,” complimenting not just the club’s shape but its hand-stitched leather grip, its Ferrari leather head cover and its Fujikura Motore Speeder Shaft.

Ferrari isn’t the first supercar manufacturer to contribute to the development of better golf clubs, either. Lamborghini has already paired with Callaway Golf on the development of Forged Composite materials which can be used to make both cars and golf clubs lighter and faster.

Ferrari Golf Collection items are set to go on sale July 1. For a preview of what will be offered, head on over to the Ferrari Golf Collection website.