• Perpetual Motion by Norman Rockwell

    People complain about Mother's Day, about how hard it is to shop for mom, about how commercialized it's become, about the price of long-stemmed roses. But Mother's Day is a walk in the park compared to Father's Day. You see, Father's Day has always been an afterthought. It was conceived after Mother's Day as a way of saying, basically, "Don't worry, dad -- we haven't forgotten about you!" Only problem is, most dads we know don't enjoy being fussed over, and Father's Day is all about making a fuss. So, what on earth are you supposed to give a man who doesn't want anything in the first place?...

  • Bob Ferry's 1906 Oldsmobile replica. Photo: Inside Google Books
    Vintage 1906 Oldsmobile Built Using Google Books Downloads

    Accessing the internet in your car is nothing new these days. Using the internet to build your car is rather more special. That's exactly what Kentucky-based vintage car enthusiast Bob Ferry did, constructing his "brand new" 1906 Oldsmobile Model B Runabout using information downloaded from Google...

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