• Six-door 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Binz

    Mercedes-Benz is working on an extra, extra-long version of its S-Class sedan that is expected to carry the Pullman title and have the highest price tag of any sedan anywhere in the world. While the car is still some time away, a German firm by the name of Binz will happily build you today a stretched Mercedes E-Class complete with a three-box passenger compartment. Binz has been modifying Mercedes sedans since the 1960s, and we last heard from the firm when it was producing a stretched version of the previous-generation E-Class. Now it’s released a new model based on the...

  • Binz E-class limo at Millbrook Proving Grounds
    Binz E-Class Limo At Millbrook Proving Grounds

    Germany's Binz has taken its latest stretched Mercedes-Benz E-Class limousine to the Millbrook Proving Grounds for an annual test day with some of the U.K.’s motoring journalists. However, on days like this, you’re more likely to see the journos pimping it up in the back seat rather...

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