• Budweiser and Lyft partner for Prohibition-era rides

    For four hours on Wednesday, select New York City dwellers will have the chance to grab a ride via Lyft in a Prohibition-era car as Budweiser launches its limited-edition Repeal Reserve Lager. The beer recipe dates back to 1933 as the United States banned alcohol for 13 years. Adolphus Busch created the recipe and brewed the beer, though it was never distributed nationwide. (Eds note: Thanks a lot, 18th Amendment.) Budweiser wants to bring the era to life with vehicles such as a 1936 Riley Kestrel and a 1937 Packard sedan. Those interested in a Prohibition-era Lyft must enable "Bud Vintage...

  • Keg Sitting In A Lotus
    Who Says A Lotus Elise Isn't Practical?

    Many people want a Lotus Elise. But many of their loved ones usually say something like, "That isn't a practical car." They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a picture says it all. Clearly, if you are dedicated enough, a Lotus can be practical. Come on, if it can carry a keg...

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