Auto Shanghai 2011

  • Geely McCAR

    If your idea of a vehicle with another attatched to the back is a Winnebago with a Smart ForTwo strapped behind it, you need to start thinking about downsizing. Chinese automaker Geely (owners of Volvo) has just the combo for you. It's known as the McCAR, and although its appearance might make you think it comes free with every Big Mac, it's actually a regular city car. However, you do get something for free, a small electric three-wheeled scooter. The duo is making an appearance at the ongoing 2011 Shanghai Auto Show and aims to give drivers the option of parking their car in a convenient...

  • Li Chao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shanghai OnStar Telematics
    OnStar Is China's First Automotive App

    General Motors has made huge inroads in China, and now, those inroads have grown a bit wider: yesterday at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, GM launched its smartphone app for China's OnStar subscribers. The OnStar app for Chinese drivers is nearly identical to the one that subscribers in North America...

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