• Ferrari 599XX up for sale

    Ferrari’s XX line of cars are your regular run-of-the-mill Italian exotics but are in fact a rolling test-bed for new technologies that will eventually filter across to Ferrari’s future road and race cars. The first was the awesome FXX and subsequent FXX Evolution, both based on the Enzo platform and developing upwards of 850 horsepower. The second was the 599XX based on the 599 GTB Fiorano platform, and like the FXX before it was only offered to a very select group of customers known as Ferrari client test drivers. To be recognized as a Ferrari client test driver, you either...

  • Ferrari 599XX
    Video: Ferrari 599XX Breaks 7-Minute Barrier Around Nurburgring

    The last time we looked, Nissan was claiming a 7m 26.7s Nurburgring lap time for its 2010 ‘Series II’ GT-R, while General Motors was boasting an even better time of 7m 22.4 seconds for its Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 supercar. While manufacturer claims should be taken with a grain of salt--there are...

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