2012 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

  • Smart Ball at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

    All the attention on Smart at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show might have been directed at the Forvision electric drive concept and the latest, third-generation 2012 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, but Smart still had a use for the previous version. Nestled next to a Ford driving experience was "Smart Ball". If you've ever played the world's first-ever computer game "Pong" then you'll be very familiar with Smart Ball. A large display screen showed two "bats" in the shape of Smarts, and a ball bouncing between the two like a primitive game of tennis. No arcade-style joysticks here though. That is...

  • 2012 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive
    2012 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive: 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show Preview

    More power and a longer driving range are key attributes of the 2012 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive.

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