Slovenian performance marque Tushek has returned by announcing the Aeon hypercar.

Although not a household name, Tushek has spent much of the last two decades building impressive road and race cars, culminating with 2014's TS 600 supercar. The Aeon, however, is a much more ambitious project.

Tushek's latest model takes the company into the hypercar arena, where it will target models from both the gas and electric segments. The company plans to offer Aeon buyers the choice of a hybrid V-8 or fully electric powertrain.

The hybrid version, known as the Aeon H, is promised with 1,930 hp and a weight (likely dry) of only 3,260 pounds. That's impressive as the car will be a plug-in hybrid with all-wheel drive. Expect the V-8 to power the rear wheels and the electric drive system to power the fronts.

The electric version, known as the Aeon E, is promised to pack as much as 2,500 hp, and despite its heavy battery Tushek says it will only weigh 3,747 pounds, making it similar in weight to a Ford Mustang. The 2,500-hp output will also make the Aeon E the world's most powerful production car, a title currently held by the 2,011-hp Lotus Evija.

Tushek Aeon E

Tushek Aeon E

The Aeon features a sleek design with what appears to be butterfly doors, similar to what you find on a McLaren supercar or a top Ferrari. Key details include the trio of daytime running lights up front (one in each of the headlights and one in a central fin) that forms a T shape, plus a series of side wings or blades between the front and rear wheel arches.

Tushek's Aeon will make its full debut in two weeks, at which point the company will provide updates on the car's aerodynamics, performance numbers, and release date.

With the Aeon, Tushek will also launch a new personalization program, which is designed to offer interior options that haven't been used in any of the company's previous cars.

“Aeon heralds a new dawn in hypercar production, with personalization at the forefront,” Aljoša Tušek, Tushek's CEO and founder, said in a statement. “Each vehicle is individually tailored to its owner to create an unparalleled bond.”

Tushek said production will be limited, without providing specifics. Some of the company's previous cars were limited to less than 100 units.