Porsche has come out with a new onboard charger for the Taycan that can potentially cut charging times at home in half.

The charger is an AC 19.2-kw unit that can be swapped with the Taycan's existing onboard charger, located between the cabin and front trunk.

A compatible 19.2-kw capable Level 2 AC charger (240-volt) will be required at home, requiring a dedicated 100 amps. Porsche also offers its own unit, dubbed the Wall Charger Connect.

According to Porsche, charging the Taycan's 79.2-kwh Performance Battery from 0-100% with the new charger takes about 4.8 hours, versus the current 9.5 hours. For the 93.4-kwh Performance Battery Plus, owners are looking at 5.3 hours versus the current 10.5 hours.

The new onboard charger can be installed at a Porsche service center. It's designed to fit all Taycan variants, regardless of model year, and is priced at $1,850.15. Estimated labor time is 12 hours, which could more than double the bill. It can also be ordered via Porsche's configurator for new customers.

The Wall Charger Connect retails for $1,586. Although it needs to be hard wired directly to a 100-amp circuit for best performance, it's been designed to also work with lower capacity circuits, though charging times will be slower as a result.