Ford will introduce the reborn Bronco SUV on July 13, but the Blue Oval is intent on trickling out a series of teasers until the Bronco gets here.

The latest teaser, shared on Instagram on Monday, provided our first real look at the entire Bronco with its squared off design, retro front end outlined with LED lightning, and what appear to bead-lock off-road tires. Clearly, the new Bronco has the capability to tackle hardcore off-road trails as shown in the video below.

Another teaser, shared on social media last Wednesday, was our first good look at the Bronco's front end. Ford teased the look in a series of posts that featured a first-generation Bronco front end flanked by the outer edges of the new vehicle. Another post included a video that showed the actual look of the front end, "BRONCO" lettering and all.

Another post featured the sound of the Bronco's engine as it attacked off-road trails. It's hard to tell if the engine is Ford's twin-turbo 2.7-liter V-6 or its 2.3-liter turbo-4.

The Bronco was originally scheduled to be revealed July 9, but Ford moved it back to July 13 after backlash over that date, which coincided with O.J. Simpson's birthday. When it is unveiled, we'll see how Ford has incorporated boxy retro styling, removable doors and roof, and an off-road attitude.