Ford last summer formed its own esports team under the Fordzilla name to compete in the growing world of virtual competitions and potentially groom some gamers for the transition to real racing, a bit like Nissan used to do with its GT Academy program.

Now, Ford is getting more of the gaming community involved with its Team Fordzilla P1 project.

Announced on Tuesday, the project calls on gamers to help design the ultimate virtual race car, though for which gaming platform isn't clear.

The resulting design won't be based on an existing Ford vehicle, and right now it also isn't clear if Ford is seeking a design that meets specifications for a particular category of motorsport. It's probably unlikely given the fact the car will be designed by gamers.

The gamers won't be working in isolation, though. Ford's own designers will be working with members from the Fordzilla team to come up with the race car's design. Ideas for key design decisions will be put out to the wider gaming community who will be able to vote on the decisions via Twitter polls.

Work on the project starts this week and can be followed at Fordzilla's official Twitter and Instagram channels.