It's a good time to be a fan of American motorsports history, especially for those who cherish Ford's victory over Ferrari in the 1966 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. One of its key players, the legendary Carroll Shelby, is the focus of a new documentary called "Shelby American."

Shelby's partnership with Ford was built on the former's promise that he could build a car that could take on the Chevrolet Corvette for pennies on the dollar. That relationship blossomed into a world-beating alliance that ultimately took down the titan of sports car racing, Ferrari. 

While Shelby is one of the key figures in "Ford v. Ferrari," that film focuses on the development of the Ford GT40 race car, rather than the lives of the men involved. Both films build toward Ford's 1966 Le Mans victory over Ferrari, but "Shelby American" tells the story of Shelby himself—the driver, the builder, and the salesman. 

"Shelby American" is directed by Nate Adams and Adam Corolla and produced by Carolla's Chassy Media, which has also produced "Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman" and "The 24 Hour War."

If "Ford v. Ferrari" and "Shelby American" aren't quite up your alley, there are some other good motorsports films in the pipeline that might be more appealing. "Blink of an Eye" documents Michael Waltrip's efforts to escape his older brother's shadow in stock car racing, climaxing with his 2001 victory at the Daytona 500—the same race that claimed Dale Earnhardt's life. 

Oval racing and V-8s not really your thing? Hollywood A-lister Michael Fassbender is the subject of a YouTube series dubbed "Road to Le Mans," which documents his season of racing a Porsche 911 Cup Car with the ultimate goal of competing in the world-famous endurance race.