BMW brought its self-riding motorcycle to the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show to show off its technology for the first time in the United States.

The bike rode around by itself in a parking lot, looking like a motorcycle possessed.

The concept BMW demonstrated at CES came to life after two years of work in the "ConnectedRide" program, which aims to learn more about the rider experience and develop better safety features for riders.

Recall, BMW first showed off the self-riding motorcycle last September in Germany. The concept is capable of starting the engine, setting off, and riding on its own. Further, the motorcycle handles all turns and braking procedures by itself and comes to a complete stop and props itself up without spilling over.

The brand underscored that the motorcycle is no way representative of a future self-riding bike for production. While engineers began to work on active safety features for future motorcycles, they quickly found creating a completely self-riding bike was the best way to accomplish their goals. The technology that powers the self-riding bike could give way to "dynamic control programs," which could intervene if the motorcycle detects a hazard or danger before the rider does.

Ahead of a dangerous event, the motorcycle may display a warning visually or perhaps intervene directly to avoid the situation. BMW said previously the technology could be very beneficial for riders at intersections or during hard-braking events.

BMW said the concept isn't meant to reinforce the idea that the company intends to take away the freedom motorcycles bring, and ultimately, the rider will be responsible for his or her safety for years to come. Yet, added safety on a motorcycle is never a bad idea. Check out the motorcycle in action up above and see more news from CES at our dedicated hub.