The very first Ford Mustang Cobra Jet was built in 1968. Now, 50 years later, Ford has a special anniversary version and this one packs serious heat under its hood.

First shown in August, Ford on Tuesday brought the 50th anniversary Cobra Jet to the 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Ever since that original Mustang drag racer debuted 50 years ago, Ford has cranked out a handful more across a number of decades. In 2008, a factory built Cobra Jet appeared and the car was capable of 8.0-second blasts down the quarter-mile. Just a year later, Ford built another Cobra Jet and has continued to do so straight on through 2016. A brief pause in 2017 led to the development of the new generation for 2018.

Under the hood of all 2018 Cobra Jets, you'll find a 5.2-liter supercharged V-8. It's enough to propel the Cobra Jet onward to 8.0-second quarter-mile runs. At the end of that 1,320-foot journey, the car will be trapping at 150 mph.

This is not a street-legal Mustang, of course. What you're looking at is a fully prepped drag racer fitted with an NHRA-certified roll cage, FIA-rated seats, and a beefy Ford 9-inch solid rear axle. If you want to buy one to take racing, it will cost you at least $130,000. And fast action is required because Ford is only building 68 examples. Yes, that's a hat tip to the original Cobra Jet from 1968.

Ford already has some unique competition on its hands as other automakers have shown off drag-focused models at this year's SEMA show. Chevrolet has made headlines with its new eCOPO Camaro electric drag racer concept. And Mopar has a new crate engine dubbed the Hellephant which brings 1,000 hp to the table.

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