Buick only graced its showrooms with the Cascada a few years ago but the handsome, somewhat sporty convertible may soon be on its way out.

You see, the Cascada was launched in 2012 by Opel, which builds the convertible at a plant in Poland. It was rebadged a Buick and introduced here for 2016.

Opel announced Tuesday that it will only offer the Cascada until the end of 2019, and that no replacement is planned.

This means the Buick version may also cease to exist at the end of next year, though it's also possible Opel continues to build the Buick-badged model beyond 2019.

A Buick spokesman told Motor Authority that there was nothing to announce on the Cascada at this point and that the vehicle is an important part of the lineup as it brings in a higher percentage of new customers than any other in the brand's lineup. Seven out of ten Cascada buyers are new to Buick, in fact.

Once a common sight in showrooms, convertibles, at least from mainstream brands, continue to disappear as buyers favor larger and more practical SUVs and trucks. Volkswagen will also drop its Beetle Cabriolet after 2019.

We'll bring you an update on the fate of the Buick Cascada as soon as more is known.