His title is Professional Fun Haver, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. lives up to that name. The Formula Drift pilot was recently in Germany to drive his Ford Mustang RTR drift car around the Nürburgring, but the weather was crummy so Gittin instead decided to send his Ford Raptor sideways around the circuit.

Gittin has gotten sideways all over the globe. From an ice track to Spain's Catalunya circuit, Vaughn has wasted tires in the name of fun and smoke. Now he's done so at Germany's Green Hell. Instead of sticking to the main portion of the circuit, Gittin is finding new angles and lines through some of the toughest corners on the planet.

A 450-horsepower truck is the right tool to find those lines, of course. And Gittin's on-track action is glorious.

Though we wish for some longer shots of the lurid slides. It almost seems like Ford dialed in a bit more angle for Gittin on this specific Raptor, and less editing to the final piece would help us see if that might be true. Those front tires get deeply sideways and the EcoBoost V-6 helps push them around like a heavy-duty plaything.

Regardless of the potential for aftermarket angle, the Raptor is a beast and Gittin knows how to fling it. We're better off with both of them being let loose on a rainy 'Ring.