Mercedes-Benz has developed a range of outdoorsy aspirations for the newly introduced X-Class pickup truck.

At the 2018 Caravan Motor Touristik (CMT) show starting January 13 in Stuttgart, Germany, the luxury brand will debut two X-Class camping concepts: the X-Class Tischer body and VanEssa built-in kitchen.

The Tischer X-Class concept places a traditional camper body on the bed of the pickup. Despite its small size, the camper body boasts a 60-inch-wide alcove for sleeping with nearly 6.5 feet of headroom above the occupant. The camper also includes a 3-burner stove, seating for three, a foldaway bathroom, and enough space to for an individual to shower. Campers can also turn the seating arrangement into a second bed. With the Tischer camper body concept, Mercedes-Benz believes the X-Class can offer everything camping aficionados seek when gearing up to take on the outdoor lifestyle. This way is just a tad more luxurious, yet still practical.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class camper concept

Mercedes-Benz X-Class camper concept

If the camper body seems a bit over the top—or sleeping under the stars is more of a priority—the VanEssa built-in kitchen concept may fit the bill. The VanEssa X-Class concept does not include sleeping quarters, a bathroom, or any other creature comforts. Instead, it's a full-fledged kitchen stowed neatly in the X-Class' bed.

The 550-pound unit includes a coolbox, space for cooking and washing, and storage areas to keep pots and utensils. VanEssa built the sleek unit with pneumatic struts that allow the cover to be propped up at an angle of 45 degrees for ease of use. And it looks mighty luxurious, too; yacht-style teak wood provides durability and it's water resistant.

Mercedes did not divulge plans to produce production versions of either concept, but its optimism for the camper segment suggests the X-Class, which won't make it to the United States, could make the basis for a future camping-oriented product.