Marketers, advertisers, and companies in general are itching to implement the next era of entertainment and connectivity. It's coming, and it will likely be broadcast in future self-driving cars.

Intel sees the future today, and on Wednesday the tech giant announced a new deal with Warner Bros to develop in-car entertainment experiences.

The deal will work on rider experiences on content for passengers in self-driving cars, and both companies plan to build a concept to demonstrate what in-car entertainment will look like in the future. The opportunities for entertainment companies are massive. The average American motorist spends about 300 hours behind the wheel each year. Now, replace the 300 hours with content distribution, videos, and other experiences.

Intel doesn't just imagine videos taking over the windshield. The technology company also believes future technology will help create in-car virtual and augmented reality experiences. For example, Intel suggested riders could turn the self-driving car into the Batmobile through virtual reality. At the same time, augmented reality opens up immense opportunities for riders to discover an area in a new way. It also means advertisements will have a whole new way to infiltrate our lives.

Intel also recently closed a deal to purchase Mobileye this past March. The technology company acquired the leading supplier of driver assistance and self-driving technology for $15.3 billion. Intel will continue its work with Mobileye to engineer future self-driving car systems.