It's wonderful news that Jaguar is bringing a wagon over to our shores. We don't have enough longroof options here in the States, so the arrival of the XF Sportbrake is very welcome. It certainly helps that this particular model is also rather sharp looking. Also, as a Jaguar, it's quite capable of high speeds as one gent on a pair of skis recently discovered.

Graham Bell grabbed the tow strap affixed to the rear of the Jag wagon. His goal was to set a new top speed record for an individual being towed on skis. Guinness World Records was brought in to verify the attempt.

It all went down up in the Arctic Circle in an area of Arjeplog, Sweden. There on a snow- and ice-covered test circuit, Bell set out to break the record. He did just that by screaming along with an average top speed of 117.48 mph.

Seeing as the XF Sportbrake puts out 380 horsepower and can run up to a limited top speed of 155 mph, Bell has room to give this record another go. Well, that's actually what he'd need–more room, so that the Jaguar wagon could deliver him more Guinness glory. 


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