Remember all of those Porsche Top 5 videos from this past year? The German automaker has been cranking them out to show off important pieces of its history, and also its future. You can't please everyone, though, so Porsche went back to its own well while listening to its fans to create a bonus video. This one shows off the three most requested hits from Porsche's history.

Up first is the Porsche 911 R. No, not the fancy new 991 version that is downright plentiful next to its vintage namesake. Back in 1967, Porsche produced just 19 examples of a race-ready variant of its 911. It was set apart from a standard car thanks to thin doors crafted from aluminum, twin-spark cylinder heads, and an engine producing 210 horsepower. It weighed less than 1,760 pounds as well. While the new 911 R is rare and impressive, the original from 1967 is damn-near priceless.

From a road-based racing car, Porsche moves to one with pure track-only intentions. One of the all-time greats in all of motorsport history is the Porsche 917. The example shown here is the 917/30 Spyder used for Can-Am racing, and it's the most powerful car Porsche ever produced. George Follmer had some success with it, but then Mark Donohue took one and won...well, pretty much everything. In the 1973 season, Donohue won every race but two.

Donohue had the help of a flat 12-cylinder engine that was capable of producing nearly 1,600 horsepower. It was such a dominant machine that the SCCA changed some rules to help out everyone not using a Porsche 917. As it should, Porsche gives us a few moments of the 917/30's uninterrupted soundtrack on a racetrack.

Finally, the Porsche Top 5 (3) crew brings out a bit of a spoiler. Literally. It's the famed Whale Tail from the Porsche 930. That's what we called it in the States, but it seems Germany has always had a better name for the rear end of the 930 Turbo. I'm not going to spoil that one for you, so hit play and watch the bonus video above.

You'll get some other details on the 930 Turbo as well. The first-generation Turbo had a wider body and wider front and rear spoilers, and only 2,850 were built before it went out of production in 1977.

This video was produced as a bonus for the first season. Porsche promises a second season of its Top 5 videos is also coming. We're looking forward to it.


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