Ford has been on quite the patent kick as of late.

The Blue Oval has recently filed patents for odd steering wheels, an interesting integrated bike rack, a system for a removable steering wheel and pedal box, and even a self-leveling cupholder.

Ford is looking to bring some innovative new features to its cars, that much is clear. The latest patent shows that Ford is also looking at combining some added comfort with a bit more safety.

Your thighs. They rest on your seat bottom and there's usually not much offered in the way of adjustable thigh bolstering, at least not at a price point where the term "Ford" comes into play. That could change. though, because the latest patent from the automaker is for a vehicle seat bottom with independently deployable devices.

Those "devices" are active thigh support units. You would have a seat with adjustable thigh support, that is also smarter than you think. In the event that an impact event is detected, the thigh supports would deploy via an inflator to increase the support given to your upper leg area.

Anytime the car can hold you more snugly during a crash, you're going to be better off for it. Since road cars don't come equipped with racing harnesses, adding support without affecting comfort is the next best thing.

Future Ford owners, you might find a more comfortable seating experience in your future. But it's also one that could keep your body in better shape should you wind up in a collision.