Ralph Gilles has been a positive fixture in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles [NYSE: FCAU] world for a number of years now. He's the cheerful head of design who clearly shares the same passion for automobiles that burns strongly in the rest of us. He's also happy to hit the track in his own vehicles, as he proved in the past when he took a Hellcat out to chase down a CTS-V wagon. Now Gilles is back out on the track, but this time he's brought a better weapon to the party.

A private track event was held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park north of Bowmanville, Ontario, and Gilles showed up with his Voodoo II Viper ACR. We get to ride along, thanks to this video from TheStraightPipes.

The Voodoo II is a small batch special edition that essentially takes the ACR, checks every item on the options list, and then paints the car black with red trim pieces. Unfortunately, you can't order it anymore because the Viper has gone off to join the great sports cars in the sky.

Ralph has a lot of experience behind the wheel of a Viper, as he's competed in several rounds of the Dodge Viper Cup Series. At this private track event, there are no podium finishes to be had, but Ralph is still out there cranking out the laps. He's running against a diverse group of cars, and he's making some great passes. He even appears to be keeping up pretty well with a NASCAR-style race car.

We'd love to see more of the action at this event, as the diverse group of cars would reveal some interesting matchups on track. That's not the point of this video, though. This is more so you can sit back, crank your speakers, and take in the tone provided by that V-10 engine.