By the end of this video, I guarantee that you'll be rooting for Myles. You see, Myles races his mega-modified Acura Integra. It has a big turbo, some serious aero modifications, and a singular goal of going very fast over the course of a 1/2-mile of runway. Myles holds the record in this space for front-wheel-drive cars, as he's gone 198 miles per hour before. He wants to break through the 200 mile per hour barrier, and he's made his car more powerful for the attempt.

It's all going down well above sea level at the Pikes Peak Airstrip. Here Shift Sector is hosting one of its 1/2-mile events and Myles has brought his Integra to the party. He's moved from his old turbo to a larger one that can deliver more power. This is important when you're racing where the air is more thin, but that elevation could also help his car cut an easier path to 200 mph.

It's not going to come easy for Myles and his mean green machine, of course. Things break, and those things need to be fixed. Eventually, however, Myles gets his clean pass and he reaches his goal. Welcome to the 200 mile per hour club Myles. Wear that shirt with pride, and give your ride a hug. 


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