A total of just 209 Ferrara LaFerrari Aperta supercars will be built. If you're not up on your exotic car lingo, the Aperta is the open-top version of the LaFerrari. So that means we're dealing with a hyper exotic Italian rocket that employs both gasoline and electricity to generate 950 horsepower of thrust. Reportedly, this is the first one in the United States.

Seeing one in the wild will be a rare event. That's why there's a massive crowd around the one above, and we're here to put you there, albeit virtually. The Aperta came out to play at a recent exotic car event held in Redmond, Washington. The car sits and idles away for a bit then revs the engine. After that, there's a shot of the car pulling away. A second LaFerrari follows as this car exits.

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Now, there's nothing too thrilling about what's going on here. We admire the restraint of the owner has he pulls away from the event. Take note Mustang owners. This is how you leave a car show without wrecking your car, other cars, or getting a big ticket.

Still, despite the lack of thrills, there's something rather special about seeing such a rare machine out and about.

Of those 209 cars, 200 will be sold to customers, while the remaining nine will stick with Ferrari and be used for all sorts of events. Those will be events packed with ultra-rare beasts, and the sound is sure to be incredible.


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