There are a few rumors swirling about with regards to the next-generation Ford Focus.

Specifically, these pertain to the more hot-blooded ST variant and what sort of mill might make its way under the hood of this Blue Oval-brand hot hatch.

In the current car, we're used to the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4. It's good for 252 horsepower and an enjoyable driving experience. Coming soon though, we may make due with a smaller mill... and this could be a good thing.

According to Autocar, Ford is looking to downsize the 2.0-liter by replacing it with an engine displacing just 1.5 liters in the next ST. The bits that force the induction would be upgraded so that a twin-scroll turbocharger would be employed and this would reportedly lead to an increase in horsepower over the current ST.

It seems that we could jump from 252 up to around 275 horsepower, if the report is accurate. This should tide us over until a new Focus RS arrives on the scene.

And along with the gain in power, you'd also be getting a potentially lighter and more fuel efficient engine, mind you. That's a healthy change for an already fun car.

More changes could potentially include a more premium looking (and feeling) interior coupled with a handful of fit and finish upgrades both inside and out. This refreshed Focus could be arriving as soon as the 2019 model year.